Sterilization and Cleaning:

  1. The Surgical Kit is provided clean but non-sterile. Therefore, it must be sterilized before each use and cleaned before each re-use.

  2. For cleaning, always separate the two components of the Expansion-Tool prior to cleaning and sterilization.

  3. Steam sterilization should be conducted according to the guidelines provided in the manual.


Cleaning instructions:

  • i. As soon as possible after clinical use, the instruments should be disassembled and placed in a receptacle filled with natural pH disinfectant/detergent solution and covered with a cloth. The aim of this phase is to prevent drying of the residues originating from the patient, and soften them for easier cleaning.

  • ii. Rinse the two components of the kit in hot water for two minutes. Use a soft-bristle brush to remove any residues left. Note: two-piece components should be disassembled prior to sterilization to ensure maximum efficacy.