The Benefits of Pyramidion Implants for Atrophic Bones

Severely resorbed jaws present some of the highest clinical challenges, for dentists of varying specialties, especially when alveolar bone resorption takes place in the Mandible (i.e. lower jaw) or Maxilla (upper jaw). In some cases, patients seeking a better quality of dental life are forced to undergo invasive dental implant procedures involving augmentation of the inferior alveolar canal or a sinus lift. In other cases, they are prevented from being treated and receiving the smile they desire and deserve, altogether.

And then came the Pyramidion dental implant.

The Pyramidion solution

The Pyramidion implant is the ideal solution dentists and patients, suffering from resorbed lower jaw bones, can trust. An effective and safe alternative to invasive dental implants, the ultra-short, pyramid-shaped, expandable implant was designed with a deep understanding of bone biology, anatomy and physiology. With Pyramidion, dentists can provide their patients with the highest standard of care, while avoiding performing over-invasive procedures on the mandible or the maxilla.

Pyramidion’s benefits

The Pyramidion ultra-short Implant may be small in size, but its benefits are tremendous. Here’s a brief overview of why this dental implant is so revolutionary:

  • Novel, patented design - The Pyramidion dental implant has a narrow platform (3.75 or 4.1 mm), yet expands to provide twice the implant contact surface, enabling significantly higher bone-to-implant contact and better osseointegration results.

ultrashort expandable implant for atrophic bones
Ultrashort Pyramidion implant for atrophic bones
  • No special surgical protocol required - The Pyramidion insertion protocol is identical to that of conventional implants- with one small additional step- a dedicated expansion tool helps expand the implant once it is placed inside the jaw.

  • Exceptional load-carrying performance - Multiple bio-mechanical features enable Pyramidion to carry loads akin to those carried by a longer implant (≥10 mm).

  • Alternative stress distribution pattern - Instead of applying high stress at the crestal bone and low stress at the apical area, the pyramid shape generates low stress at the crestal bone and high stress at the apical area. This allows for high initial stability during immediate loading procedures, and less long-term bone loss.

  • Patented compensation mechanism - Pyramidion’s snap-back mechanism adjusts pressure created during the implant’s expansion into the surrounding bone, facilitating a highly stable placement, while preventing necrosis.

Innovative product line - A complete range of solutions dentists can count on, to provide a full treatment plan to any patient suffering from resorbed lower jaw bones, with ease. Products include:

  • The Pyramidion dental implant, available in 6 individual implant sizes ranging from 5 mm to 8 mm in length, and 2 diameter sizes (3.75 mm and 4.1 mm).

  • The Pyramidion surgical kit, which includes a set of drills outfitted with an automatic stop feature to prevent deep drilling, as well an expansion tool designed to activate the implant’s expansion mechanism.

  • A full range of prosthetic parts including multi-unit prosthetics, which provide a wide range of solutions for screw-retained restorations.

8 years of proven clinical proven results, 96% success rate in lower and upper jaw

Are you ready to make your patients smile from ear to ear?

Turn to Pyramidion for significantly higher bone-to-implant contact and better osseointegration results, achieved through a standard, non-invasive implant insertion procedure. Not only will you be able to provide your patients with a revolutionary solution, you’ll be able to do so more seamlessly and effectively than ever before. ​​