When it Comes to Dental Implants, Size Matters - But So Does Shape

Pyramidion’s unique shape is designed for increased stability in a wide range of clinical cases.

Do you remember the days of your grandparents soaking their dentures in a glass of water by their bedside at night? Chances are, you never thought you’d have teeth removed or fall out as an adult, and need replacements yourself. And chances are, you never imagined that years of “wear and tear” on your oral cavity could leave you without the necessary bone strength to support a bridge and crown, requiring you to look into artificial alternatives.

When it comes to making the right choice for dental patients suffering from resorbed jaws and atrophic zones, there traditionally has been very little choice to choose from in the first place. An invasive implantation procedure, generally involving bone grafting or augmentation and sinus lifts, is not always an option for all patients. These days, it doesn’t have to be. An alternative approach to overcome jaw atrophy is the use of reduced length fixtures; short implants that allow dentists to reduce treatment times, patient morbidity and surgery cost.

Implant design has evolved to fit surgical practices and improve patient treatment.

Mainstream dentistry posits that implant length and diameter greatly influence stress distribution and stability, making longer, more traditional implants the natural surgical choice. Another important design factor is geometry: a plethora of studies reveal that smoother implant shapes, such as cylindrical or screw-shaped dental implants, create less stress on the jawbone than conical implant surfaces or surfaces with geometric discontinuities, leading cylindrical screw threaded implants to be the most common implant shape to be used.

That being said, ongoing research and development efforts have revealed that making subtle changes to traditional implant shape and structure could influence dental implant viability and success rates.

Finding the perfect balance between size and shape.

With a novel, patented design that seeks to balance short length with a pyramid-shaped screw geometry, the Pyramidion dental implant provides twice the implant contact surface, for significantly higher bone-to-implant contact and better osseointegration results than conventional short implants inserted during complex and lengthy surgical procedures. When compared to a traditional tapered implant (11 mm length) placed in bone D3 - D4 in terms of primary stability, the Pyramidion expandable short implant was proven to be a valid alternative to a traditional implant for a wide range of clinical scenarios, especially in poor bone quality areas where the expandable implant design guarantees a higher anchoring of the implant by enhancing and strengthening the bone-implant interface.

Main Pyramidion advantages.

Unlike conventional short implants, the Pyramidion Ultra-short Implant doesn’t require a special surgical protocol. All you need is the dedicated expansion tool, and the implant insertion process is just as easy - and as successful as that of a conventional implantation process. Additional benefits include:

A narrow platform (3.75 or 4.1 mm and expandable apical segment with the load-carrying performance of a longer implant (≥10 mm).

An alternative stress distribution pattern, ideal for resorbed bone anatomy, which leads to high initial stability for immediate loading procedures, and less bone loss over time.

A patented pressure relief mechanism that adjusts pressure created during the Pyramidion’s expansion into the surrounding bone, preventing necrosis while enabling high stability.

A standard implant diameter and innovative expanding shape, for maximum stability - and minimum invasiveness.

Bottom line -

Upon analyzing Pyramidion’s length and geometric design in comparison to traditional implants, a viable, stable alternative was identified. So, say goodbye to grandma’s dentures, and hello to a non-invasive, permanent treatment option, with Pyramidion.

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